Production Services & Equipment Rental

Since we produce visual content ourselves, we know how it feels to have a powerful tireless team working with you. Over the years, we funnelled a strongly jelled team, a team of which each member is the best in what they do, we provide the top of the line production services for your video needs, making sure that our team will give you their best hence turning your story board into a beautiful reality on screen.

Fluid rental services is also happy to provide you with all of your equipment and logistical needs ranging from camera rental to lighting and grip. For more information regarding equipment rental email us to provide you a list of available gear.








Behind the scenes


Johnny Dabeet
Tel : +962 6 4620861
Fax: +962 6 4620859
P.O. Box 121 Al Raqeem
11951 Amman - Jordan
Dubai Media City
T: +971 569 580134
BLD # 8, Office # 114 
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


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